Medicinal cannabis is about compassion: sick people should not suffer in silence

Frank Field MP and Baroness Meacher

Estimates put the number of people in the UK taking cannabis for medical reasons at around one million. This week, the campaign for a change in the law to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis and have it dispensed from pharmacies steps up a gear with the launch of a major lobbying drive.

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'Make cannabis legal for medicinal purposes,' says Durham's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Ron Hogg said the war on drugs has failed and the UK's drug policy is 'unsustainable' as he called on colleagues to back his views.

Cannabis should be made legal and used for medicinal purposes, Durham’s Police and Crime Commissioner has said. In a letter to the country’s 40 PCCs, Ron Hogg said the “war on drugs” has failed and the UK’s present approach is “unsustainable”.

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'Why cannabis SHOULD be prescribed to patients': Drug can help with conditions from chronic pain to cancer - with few side effects, leading doctor argues

It has been linked to poor motivation, schizophrenia and paranoia.

But marijuana is actually a very effective drug and should be legalised to help patients who are in pain, a leading doctor argues.

Mike Barnes, honorary professor of neurological rehabilitation at Newcastle University, says there are an estimated three million cannabis users in the UK - one million of those who use it for medical reasons.

At the moment, all those individuals are forced to use it illegally. 

Meanwhile, in the US, where the drug has been legalised, more than 1.2 million patients are prescribed medical marijuana. 

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Controversial Coronation Street storyline on medicinal cannabis applauded by campaigners who want the drug made legal

The campaign wants to decriminalise the drug so that those seeking cannabis for pain relief won't risk the law.

A recent Coronation Street storyline reignited the controversial debate on medicinal cannabis and one campaigner has applauded the work of the soap.

Peter Carroll has been working to get it made legal for GPs to issue the drug as a form of pain relief.

He joined MS sufferer Penny Fitzlyon on This Morning where he praised the ITV programme for raising the difficult issue of those people who are forced to obtain the drug illegally to deal with crippling pain.

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Medical Marijuana: Should cannabis be prescribed or not?

In the UK it is estimated there are around three million cannabis users and about one million of those use cannabis for medical reasons.  At the moment all those individuals are using it illegally.  This article debates the pros and cons of making cannabis a legally prescribable drug for medical reasons.

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End Our Pain; Peter Carroll, Professor Mike Barnes and MS sufferer Penny Fitzlyon appeared on This Morning to discuss the campaign and associated problems related to cannabis not being available for medical use. 

The ITV programme was praised for raising the difficult issue of those people who are forced to obtain the drug illegally to deal with crippling pain.

Joanna Lumley

Medical cannabis can ease the suffering of millions. Sign the petition : #endourpain

Sir Richard Branson

"Medical cannabis can ease the suffering of millions. Time to stop criminalising them. Sign the petition:"

Russell Brand

RB News: #EndOurPain legalise medical marijuana go sign the petition.