“I support the call to change the law to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis where they consider it would help their patients; and for patients to have their prescription honoured at the pharmacy.”

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2016 End Our Pain



This Mum had to fight tooth and nail to help her daughter get the benefit of medical cannabis. Please watch and if this touches you as much as it has touched us, sign the petition and share

It is estimated that as many as 1 million people across the UK rely on cannabis for medical reasons. Many of these people are suffering chronic and painful conditions.
Currently available medicines don't always work for them, but cannabis does. So these people are faced with a terrible dilemma - continue to suffer or take the risk of breaking the law. Many feel they have no choice but to turn to the criminal underworld. Others are at risk of 'scammers' as they buy on the internet.

This is morally wrong: these people are patients, not criminals. You may already be affected by this issue. But even if you're not, how would you feel if you or a loved one needed access to medical cannabis in the future but couldn't get it legally? The clinical evidence has already persuaded many countries including much of the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and many more to give patients legal access to medical cannabis. It's now time that the law was changed in the UK too. But we need your support. We are making great progress. With your help we can do this. Private polling suggests that over half our MPs agree. With your help we can harness this support and change the law.
Please add your sign up to the campaign to build on this political support - and please share across any social networks you have.